Praise from voice students

"Amy Biondo has a very special way of setting a warm inviting tone when she teaches, allowing even the shiest of singers like myself to open up and feel truly supported. Filled with inspiration after our first voice lesson, I sat in my car and wrote a poem. Later Amy taught me how to simplify the process of converting my poems into songs. In just the short time I’ve spent with her she has helped me to discover my voice in ways I didn’t know were possible. I am forever grateful to her and her excellence in voice coaching." - Úna Hager 

"Amy is incredibly warm and makes music accessible to anyone. She is nurturing my daughter’s love of singing, but more importantly, she is nurturing her as a person and building her self-esteem. Highly recommend!" - Jenny McGuire

“I have so much gratitude for how you relate with my teenage son and how your playful interactions uplift and cheer him up. His work with you has increased his confidence in being who he is and manifesting in the world in a way that feels true to him. Thank you for bringing out the magic in my child!” - Nik Maslow

"I take voice lessons from Amy and can vouch that she is amazing, truly. ❤️ I love my lessons and wish I could take them every day!" - Sarah Colomina Goran

“Amy Biondo has an innate ability to guide others to find their voice; to connect with themselves, to relax and embrace the voice and the body, allowing everything to work together. Though I’ve just begun working with her, in a short time I have discovered much about myself and I’m feeling increased confidence in using my voice, for all kinds of things, including singing." - KFD

“I want to let you know how pleased and truly, truly thankful I am for you and your influence in our daughter’s life. After her lesson, she sang nonstop for three days! I just wanted to say thank you for being the teacher that she needs right now.” –China Kent

“We love the work you do with our son. It's so much more than just singing: it's fun and growth and self-confidence. Voice lessons are a bright spot in his life, and that's 100% because of you.” – Ethan Decker

“Thank you for the gentle spirit with which you teach. Our daughter loves working with you!” – Shirly Lee


Praise from workshop and course participants


"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the first time in many moons I slept peacefully and uninterrupted  through the entire night! Your guidance in this practice led me to such a place of relaxed freedom of expression that I literally felt the weight of the dark, quarantine "anxiety cloud" that I had been carrying around for so long lifting and drifting away. The feeling of openness brought me to such a much needed sense of relief, that I am so looking forward to experiencing this beautiful gift again and again." - Jeanine Brunetti

“What a wonderful experience! The first workshop kind of opened up the floodgates for me… I started to realize how numb and emotionally shut down I have become. Then I laid down on the floor and started to relax. I felt a sort of tribal feeling with the sounds and the music coming from Amy and Roy. I got up and started moving… then I just started crying, grieving… At the second workshop, I found myself smiling and singing and losing myself for a while. A much needed escape! This is a good thing you are doing. People really need this now. Thank you.” - Shirley

“Amy and Roy held such welcoming space, I felt free to move and vocalize with comfort and ease. This experience for me felt so healing, such a release, and I look forward to doing it again soon.” - Monica


“Loved it!  Totally unexpected and wonderfully liberating.” - Jason

"I loved freeing up creative impulses and collaboration with others; finding playfulness with others and losing track of myself. Vocal improvisation! I love it! It was a really balanced workshop—lots of material to reflect on and to have experienced in the moment. Very inspiring.” - Laura

"Thank you for creating a safe playful space." 

"Amy’s inviting, calm joy set a nice tone." 

"What I loved was Amy's gentle guidance and encouragement to explore vocalizations and have fun!" - Cory 

"I loved hearing vocal inspiration from others, being connected to them, feeling the safety and non-judgment of the space, the laughter we shared." - Liv


"I liked the permission, encouragement, clarity of instruction." 

"Very nice feeling of relaxation and connection in the group.  I liked the playful interactive quality." 

"I liked Amy’s presentation of graciousness, in terms of creating calm and stillness and full expression.” - Mariana

"Discovering and playing with voice as a contemplative practice was a new and fun challenge.” - David

"I appreciated having this space to break down some inhibitions—I found sonic delight in the freedom of the sounds tonight. It was a sort of music that came from the less tame aspects of human beings." - Deb

Praise from the audience

"I went into this feeling a bit nervous about how it would turn out. Not that I ever doubted Amy's talent or ability, but I was afraid it might be a bit cheesy or not quite say what I wanted to communicate. 

"Halfway into the first verse I burst into tears. Amy nailed it. She was able to create a beautiful song that captured the essence of my sister (who is dying of ALS), my love for her and some of the special moments of our lives. I am just so blown away by Amy’s ability to write songs about people she doesn’t even know after a one hour interview! During the interview there were a few times when I would stop speaking and was unsure of what to say and Amy kept the perfect questions coming to keep the conversation rolling and made it so easy to talk to her. 

"I am completely happy, just over the moon happy with this song, and I cannot wait to share it with my sister. Such a unique and meaningful gift to give somebody.  Who wouldn’t want a song written just for them? To answer my own question, it’s a life experience that anyone would be thrilled to have!" -Karen Diamond

“The lovely, liquid voice and tender lyrics pour over me, bringing tears to my eyes as I listen to our song again and again. Our interview was so lighthearted and filled with laughter as we shared the stories of our first date, courtship and love story. Amy's genuine heart embraced our spirit and we are overwhelmed by the beautiful music and touching words that so perfectly capture the essence that is uniquely ‘us.’ The image of our ‘Angels Katherine,’ the name of both of our mothers, watching over us, our expression of love in food and wine and family is so emotional and dear, family members and friends hearing our song were moved to tears. Yes, we ‘found a home’ in each other and we found this understanding and creative soul, in Amy, who gave us the amazing and deeply personal gift of ‘our song’ to treasure for a lifetime.” -Jeanine Brunetti


“Generations to come may never know us personally, but they will know and understand the beauty and depth of our love because of our song.” -Bob Brunetti


“Thank you very much for the song, Amy! Jeff and I loved it. The lyrics were spot on! The richness and beauty of your singing, captured the joy of our first date and our continued happiness together. Your genuine presence and ability to listen translated to meaningful lyrics, music and ultimately, a song of our hearts.” – Chad Loiacono

“It is difficult to put into words how special the experience was to have Amy capture our love story and relationship, and put it into such a charming song. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I cannot take for granted that most songs out there are intended for my kind of relationship... and that can be frustrating. Amy was wonderful to work with in this regard and it was a blessing to feel like someone championed our relationship. It'll be a big surprise for me to share the song at our upcoming wedding [date TBD, post-pandemic] and I cannot wait to see my husband's face when I spring it on him. As a singer myself, I really appreciate how she not only recorded it with her as the singer, but also provided an accompaniment track I can use when I perform it at the reception. I cannot thank Amy enough - such a joy to work with and I was impressed how quickly everything came together.” -Tom Blankenship

Praise from custom song clients


"We hired Milestone for our wedding reception in Vail where we had about 110 guests. Having a great band was one of the most important things when we were planning our wedding, and Milestone went above and beyond our expectations. This is no ordinary wedding cover band – The Milestone Band are truly talented and versatile musicians. We had a smaller trio play light jazz music during cocktail hour, and then expanded to a 7-piece band with horns when it was time for dancing to begin. They had all ages out on the dance floor enjoying themselves, and we received so many compliments from our guests about how amazing the band was. As the bride, I couldn’t tear myself away from the dance floor – I was having so much fun! In addition, Ricardo was easy to work with and responsive to all of my questions. I highly recommend Milestone and would hire them again in a heartbeat!" - Jaclyn (Bride)

"Milestone is the most incredibly talented group of artists that not only provides quality service, but creates an atmosphere that is exceptionally fun! There wasn't a soul at our wedding that could keep themselves off of the dance floor! I can honestly say that Milestone made our reception party unforgettable, giving us our "once in a lifetime" day. They were so wonderful, in fact, that guests at the wedding were asking how to hire them!! Mark is also extremely easy to work with. He gave us all we wanted and more: song requests, brilliant play list to thrill each and every guest no matter their age, as well as being extremely welcoming and accepting of some last minute changes. Mark Diamond and Milestone made our party what it was; a joyous celebration of music, dancing, laughter, and love. The perfect band for anyone's perfect day!" - Annalise (Bride)

“Amy Biondo may not be Latina by birth, however, her heart beats Latin rhythms as she has been enamored by the music of América Latina all her life and her singing is the ideal addition to the group, reminiscent of the albums of Eydie Gormé with Trio Los Panchos…

"The harmonizing of Ricardo, Amy and Ed [is] seamless… Los Bohemios inject freshness to their renditions that will captivate even the most discerning listeners… [the album is] superb from start to finish. This is an auspicious debut for a group that evokes romance and at times makes you want to get up and dance.” - Arturo Gomez, Music Director of KUVO, on Los Bohemios' self-titled album

“Our guests were entranced, they were tapping their feet, they were laughing and moved by the music, and by the friendly conversational style of Amy and the musicians, that brought everyone into the light of family and enjoying the music together. Our guests requested several songs, and Amy knew them all. Afterward, we received several notes of appreciation from our guests for that unforgettable evening. Thanks, Amy!” - Shelley Schlender

Praise from the audience

Praise from the audience