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The world needs your voice

Lots of voice teachers can teach you the technical skills of singing. But often our biggest obstacles to becoming great singers are not the technical ones, but the emotional ones.

  • Have you ever received a message that you “couldn’t sing” or that your voice isn’t important and shouldn’t be heard?

  • Do you have self-judgment, doubt, fear, or even shame around your singing or speaking voice and wish you could stop giving yourself such a hard time?

  • Do you experience stage fright, feeling stiff and shut down when you speak or sing in front of others?

  • Do you find it easy to imitate other singers, but wonder what it would be like to discover the joy of your own authentic voice?

  • Do you feel a power inside you that you long to offer to the world, but find difficulty accessing and proclaiming it?

Image by Joanna Kosinska

What if you could...

  • Unravel old internalized messages about your voice so that you can develop a healthy, playful, and vibrant relationship with your voice, both in singing and in all aspects of life?

  • Develop excellent singing technique so that you can unleash the full power and range of expression of your voice?

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the physiology of stage fright and what you can do to overcome it so that you can stop getting in your own way onstage?

  • Build deep self-trust and appreciation so that you can celebrate the unique beauty and strength of your true authentic voice?

  • Integrate your whole body and emotions into your voice so that you can sing and speak with your full self and offer this to the world?

Image by Keith Jonson

“My son's work with you has increased his confidence in being who he is and manifesting in the world in a way that feels true to him. Thank you for bringing out the magic in my child!”


-Nik Maslow


Bringing together a lifelong study of music, dance, and improvisation; years of performance experience; an M.A. in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University; additional teacher training through IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of Mix) and Somatic Voicework; and 25 years of study and practice of meditation and yoga, Amy offers her students a powerfully unique way of working with the voice. Her methods include:

  • Comprehensive instruction in the technical aspects of singing, including breath support, alignment, resonation, phrasing, intonation, and others.

  • Guided visualization to connect you with your own power, radiance, and emotional depth, and to invite this into your interpretation of the songs you sing.

  • Mindfulness and awareness techniques to explore mental and emotional blocks to vocal power and creative expression.

  • Embodiment practices to balance and empower the body to support the voice effectively.

  • Fun and accessible improvisation exercises to help you discover and deeply appreciate your authentic voice.

Amy currently teaches private lessons and workshops for ages 8 and up.

Adult students are strongly encouraged to participate in The World Needs Your Voice, an online course for singers of any level who want to overcome fear and self-doubt and experience radiant confidence, self-love, and joy in their singing. This course, together with private voice lessons, provides a powerful and transformative voice journey in a shorter time, saving students time and money!

The World Needs Your Voice
Image by Hari Nandakumar

from the blog

"I religiously went to lessons every week, but here’s the thing. I could sing the warm-ups and exercises, crisply enunciate, 'I flip when a fellow sends me flowers,' and all the rest of it, but deep down, I didn’t feel worthy of singing. I didn’t feel I deserved to stand up straight, open my mouth wide, say what I needed to say, and be heard. So I stayed small, and my voice stayed small. Then, when my teacher told my parents, 'Amy’s just not progressing, she’s not going to be able to become a good singer,' and discontinued lessons, I felt even more strongly that I had no right to sing."

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