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amy biondo ensemble

The Amy Biondo Ensemble features Amy’s original compositions, which are rhythmically complex with evocative lyrics and innovative arrangements, jazz at the heart but heavily peppered with pop, R&B, folk, and Latin American influences. Repertoire also includes songs written by ensemble members, pieces composed spontaneously in the moment, jazz standards interpreted in unusual ways, and tunes from a wide variety of musical genres, reinterpreted with a jazz sensibility. Members of the ensemble are committed to making music that arises from deep, genuine communication, in the spirit of friendship and mutual encouragement, with each other and, in turn, with the audience. The group supports each other in taking risks, using music as personal expression and self-exploration in the present moment, creating a lively, unique and exhilarating musical experience for listeners.


“Our guests were entranced, they were tapping their feet, they were laughing and moved by the music, and by the friendly conversational style of Amy and the musicians, that brought everyone into the light of family and enjoying the music together. Our guests requested several songs, and Amy knew them all. Afterward, we received several notes of appreciation from our guests for that unforgettable evening. Thanks, Amy!”


- Shelley Schlender

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