what is your love story?

Whether it's romantic love or love for a child, parent, friend, or family member, we all have our own uniquely beautiful love stories. One of the most powerful ways that humans have honored their love stories throughout all time is by transforming them into song.

  • Are you having trouble finding the perfect song for your wedding that tells your unique love story? 

  • Have you always wanted to write a song for your partner, family member, or friend but lack the musical skills? 

  • Are you looking for an unforgettable gift for the holidays, anniversary, birthday, Mother’s/Father’s Day, or graduation for the person who already has it all? 

Let's turn your love story into beautiful music!

how it works

  • First is a Zoom interview with Amy. Her upbeat attitude, empathy, and deep curiosity will put you at ease as you discuss your most important stories and memories and share your ideas and wishes for the song.

  • Then, Amy transforms the raw materials of your conversation into a stunning song that tells YOUR love story, in YOUR words.

  • Your song is then professionally recorded and produced by top-notch Denver-area musicians. You can choose voice with piano or guitar accompaniment, or add the whole band!

  • Finally, the song is delivered to you as an mp3, with a lyrics sheet so that you won't miss a word.

  • Services are fully customizable! Add-ons include additional instruments, an in-person serenade, and more! 


"The lovely, liquid voice and tender lyrics pour over me, bringing tears to my eyes as I listen to our song again and again. Our interview  was so lighthearted and filled with laughter as we shared the stories of our first date, courtship and love story.  Amy's genuine heart embraced our spirit and we are overwhelmed by the beautiful music and touching words that so perfectly capture the essence that is uniquely 'us'...Yes, we 'found a home' in each other and we found this understanding and creative soul, in Amy, who gave us the amazing and deeply personal gift of 'our song' to treasure for a lifetime." -Jeanine Brunetti


i found a home in you

“As I interviewed Jeanine and Bob, a central theme that kept emerging was their shared love of family, food, music, and wine: true Italians! Their mothers, both named Katherine, were very close to each of them and had both passed away, and I immediately had an image of “the angels Katherine” smiling down on them. Having fun and being goofy together is a big part of Jeanine and Bob’s relationship, and some of those stories found their way into the verses. And when Jeanine said, 'Being with you is like coming home. I found a home in you,' I knew we had the title of the song! Bob and Jeanine love classic rock and folk, and I wanted to give this song a feel-good, guitar driven vibe. A true celebration of the joy of love!”

a home full of love

“Tom wanted this song to surprise his fiancé, Randy, at their wedding. A fantastic singer in his own right, Tom wanted to be the one to sing it, so I recorded one version with me singing, and another instrumental version for him to sing to at the wedding. I was struck right away by the amount of adversity both Tom and Randy had overcome in their lives, and I was so touched when Tom described their beautiful home, their plans to adopt children, their visions of festive parties, and the other dreams they had for their life together. They both finally got to live the life they deserved: a house full of pride, a home full of love. There were also so many other vivid memories that Tom described: being on crutches with a broken leg the day they met, and how Randy baked him his favorite pie, strawberry rhubarb. These evocative images really help bring the song to life! Tom is a big-energy guy with a big voice, and I loved the thought of him singing this 60s-inspired soul song in the style of Etta James, complete with a vibrant sax solo, of course!"

that kiss

“Chad wanted to write this song for his sweetheart for a Christmas gift. He told me the story of how they first got together, and then his eyes lit up and he said, 'But then we said goodbye, and oh my God, that kiss! It was so amazing! That’s when I just knew we were meant for each other!' Immediately, I knew that this kiss would be the central theme of the song. I loved telling the story of their early relationship, and then including a bridge that spans time, moving the story forward into this very moment, snuggling by the fire in each other’s arms, and this very kiss. Chad loves a good power ballad, and I think that style suits the sentiment of this song perfectly.”

“Thank you very much for the song, Amy! Jeff and I loved it. The lyrics were spot on! The richness and beauty of your singing captured the joy of our first date and our continued happiness together. Your genuine presence and ability to listen translated to meaningful lyrics, music and ultimately, a song of our hearts.” - Chad Loiacono