Please Note: Amy is still available for private lessons! Due to COVID-19, Amy is teaching all lessons remotely via Zoom. In-person instruction and groups will resume when it is safe to do so.

The world needs your voice

Lots of voice teachers can teach you the technical skills of singing. But often our biggest obstacles to becoming great singers are not the technical ones, but the emotional ones.

  • Have you ever received a message that you “couldn’t sing” or that your voice isn’t important and shouldn’t be heard?

  • Do you have self-judgment, doubt, fear, or even shame around your singing or speaking voice and wish you could stop giving yourself such a hard time?

  • Do you experience stage fright, feeling stiff and shut down when you speak or sing in front of others?

  • Do you find it easy to imitate other singers, but wonder what it would be like to discover the joy of your own authentic voice?

  • Do you feel a power inside you that you long to offer to the world, but find difficulty accessing and proclaiming it?

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Bringing together a lifelong study of music, dance, and improvisation; years of performance experience; an M.A. in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University; and 25 years of study and practice of meditation and yoga, Amy offers her students a powerfully unique way of working with the voice. Her methods include:

  • Comprehensive instruction in the technical aspects of singing, including breath support, alignment, resonation, phrasing, intonation, and others.

  • Guided visualization to connect you with your own power, radiance, and emotional depth, and to invite this into your interpretation of the songs you sing.

  • Mindfulness and awareness techniques to explore mental and emotional blocks to vocal power and creative expression.

  • Embodiment practices to balance and empower the body to support the voice effectively.

  • Fun and accessible improvisation exercises to help you discover and deeply appreciate your authentic voice.

Amy currently teaches private lessons for ages 8 and up and workshops for adults via Zoom, and will offer an 8-week intensive live course, entitled "The World Needs Your Voice," when it is safe to sing in groups again.

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"The World Needs Your Voice"