Lots of voice teachers can teach you the technical skills of singing. But often our biggest obstacles to becoming great singers are not the technical ones, but the emotional ones.

  • Did you receive messages as a child or an adult that made you feel like your voice wasn’t important and shouldn’t be heard?

  • Can you feel the power inside you, and know you have something important to offer to the world, but you have a difficult time accessing and proclaiming it?

  • Do you long to express your emotions through song, feeling them deeply and sharing them with others?

  • Do you have trouble connecting with your body when you sing?

  • Do you suffer from stage fright and feelings of unworthiness when you sing in front of others?

The world needs your voice. You have a right to be here. You have something to say, and others want and need you to say it. I can help.

The voice is our human birthright. Amy is passionate about using the healing power of the voice to help others to access their full potential as artists and as human beings. Bringing together a lifelong study of music, dance, and improvisation; years of performance experience; an M.A. in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University; and 25 years of study and practice of meditation and yoga, Amy offers her students a powerfully unique way of working with the voice. 


Vocal coaching with Amy includes:

  • Comprehensive instruction in the technical aspects of singing, including breath, support, alignment, phrasing, intonation, tone, and others.

  • Guided visualization to connect you with your own power, radiance, and emotional depth, and to invite this into your interpretation of the songs you sing.

  • Mindfulness and awareness techniques to explore mental and physical blocks to vocal power and creative expression.

  • Embodiment practices to balance and empower the body to support the voice effectively.

  • Improvisatory play to help students connect with their own unique style.

  • And much more!

Vocal coaching with Amy helps students discover the deep genuineness and unimpeded creative expression that is rooted in the very core of who they are as human beings. As they allow themselves to be seen and appreciated in all their authenticity, students develop confidence and conviction, both in their singing ability as well as in their ability to courageously speak their truth in their everyday lives. Amy is a warm, encouraging teacher who is skilled at seeing the deep potential in all her students and drawing this out in a playful, grounded, approachable, and deeply transformative way.

Amy teaches children age 8 through adults, and fully customizes each lesson to meet the needs of the individual student. She offers private and group lessons and intensive workshops.


Please note: for children (up to age 18), the lower price is for those who attendlessons weekly and pre-pay monthly.

For adults, the lower price is for those who purchase a package of 5 lessons.

The higher prices are for those who purchase lessons a la carte.

              $50/$60 per hour (recommended for ages 14+)

              $30/$35 per half hour (recommended for ages 8-13). 

Click here to schedule a voice lesson for you or your child!

Here's what Amy's students have to say :

“Loved it!  Totally unexpected and wonderfully liberating.”

"A really balanced workshop—lots of material to reflect on and to have experienced in the moment. Very inspiring.” 

"Thank you for creating a safe playful space."

"Amy’s inviting, calm joy set a nice tone."


"I liked the permission, encouragement, clarity of instruction."   

"Very nice feeling of relaxation and connection in the group.  I liked the playful interactive quality."


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