“In my experience, the best and most meaningful music is deeply personal, emotionally connected, and honest, inspired by deep self-inquiry and openness to others and the world around us. This is where I draw my inspiration when I write, and what I strive to communicate every time I step on stage.” Amy Biondo

Amy Biondo is a Denver/Boulder vocalist, composer, dancer, and music educator. A versatile performer with a four-octave range, Amy is equally comfortable climbing inside the rich rhythmic and harmonic structure of a modern jazz composition; mining deep into the emotional story of an old chestnut and communicating the timeless beauty that is still relevant today; resonating with the nuanced heartbeat of a traditional folk song in Spanish, Portuguese, or French; or belting out a rock tune to a room full of people who can’t help but dance.


Amy’s voice is rich with emotion, vibrant, playful, and fearless. Her original compositions are rhythmically complex with evocative lyrics and innovative arrangements, jazz at the heart but heavily peppered with pop, R&B, folk, and Latin American influences.

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Amy teaches voice lessons for ages 8 through adult with a focus on embodiment and vocal empowerment. Click here to learn more!

Perdon - Los Bohemios
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In a Sentimental Mood - Sundays at Vic's
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Arturo Gomez, Music Director of KUVO, on Amy’s work with Los Bohemios:


“Amy Biondo may not be Latina by birth, however, her heart beats Latin rhythms as she has been enamored by the music of América Latina all her life and her singing is the ideal addition to the group, reminiscent of the albums of Eydie Gormé with Trio Los Panchos.”


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