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The Amy Biondo Ensemble features Amy’s original compositions, which are rhythmically complex with evocative lyrics and innovative arrangements,
jazz at the heart but heavily peppered with pop, R&B, folk, and Latin American influences. It also includes songs written by ensemble

members, pieces composed spontaneously in the moment, jazz standards interpreted in unusual ways, and tunes from a wide variety of musical genres, reinterpreted with a jazz sensibility. Members of the ensemble are committed to making music that arises from deep, genuine communication, in the spirit of friendship and mutual encouragement, with each other and, in turn, with the audience. The group supports each other in taking risks, using music as personal expression and self-exploration in the present moment, creating a lively, unique, and exhilarating musical experience for listeners.

The Amy Biondo Ensemble


Los Bohemios

Los Bohemios is an acoustic ensemble performing Cuban Son, Salsa, and Boleros (ballads in Spanish with Afro-Cuban rhythms). They also cover other Latin styles such as Bossa Nova, Latin Rock, Latin Jazz and even Mexican Mariachi repertoire. Los Bohemios features Ricardo Peña on vocals and guitar or requinto, Amy Biondo on vocals and hand percussion, Ed Edwards on guitar and vocals, Mark Diamond on upright bass, and Jose Espino on congas and bongos. They offer great 3-part harmony, Spanish guitars, acoustic bass and Latin percussion to create danceable salsa rhythms in the style of Buena Vista Social Club or Gloria Estefan, and romantic ballads in the style of Los Panchos (a worldwide music phenomenon of the 40’s and 50’s). Their impeccable musicianship and diverse repertoire move audiences in concerts, clubs, weddings and private events alike. The band can perform with 3, 4, or 5 people, and also as a larger group, with up to 11 musicians, including full horn and percussion sections. Timeless, fun and beautiful music performed by top notch musicians!



Milestone is a variety band well known for their impressive musicianship and versatility. Whether they are playing the best of Latin Rock, Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Beatles, Salsa, romantic Bolero, Pop, Jazz or Country, their sound is always authentic to the style, their dancing beats impossible to resist, and their vocals and harmonies unbeatable. The standard band line up is a 5 piece band composed of drums, bass/vocal, guitar/vocal, piano/vocal and vocalist/percussionist. They also perform as larger ensembles that include Latin percussion and a horn section. Milestone can perform as a duo or a variety of line ups up to an 11 piece band depending on your budget. The band is equally comfortable performing concerts, corporate events, private parties and weddings and they are sure to make your event unforgettable!

The Mmmwhah Ensemble

Mmmwhah!'s core practice is one of deep listening, being fully present in the moment, within an ensemble context. We use improvisation as a relational practice across the mediums of music, movement, and art-making. Our home ground is as Active Listener / Witness / Well-wisher, who is attuned to "What will serve?" "What will serve the music?  the movement?  the art-making?  Ultimately, what will serve the larger composition? and the whole room?"

Our active participation in each composition stems from "What is needed?" and "What is being called forth?" Silence / Stillness / White Space are our home. We encourage you to listen for the silences, witness the stillness, and feel the white spaces between things as well.


We aim to:​

  • Expand our awareness from "I" to "we" when we enter into practice together

  • Let inspiration rise in each of us from beyond "me," from tuning in to whatever source gives rise to the breath in our lungs.

And some really beautiful things arise!


Vox Libera is an a cappella vocal ensemble which was founded by Amy Biondo, Elena Camerin, Dawn Kimble, and Tom Weiser as a "playgroup for vocalists." They use improvisation as a means of exploring the enormous possibilities of the human voice through song and sound, expanding individual and collective boundaries, and diving into the vulnerability, joy, emotional complexity, wisdom, humor, and freedom that emerges when voice is given to the space of the unknown. Performances feature original compositions written by members of the group, modern jazz pieces, fresh arrangements of familiar songs, poetry, dance, and free and structured improvisational explorations.  

Vox Libera