Amy Biondo is a Denver/Boulder vocalist, composer, dancer, and vocal empowerment coach.

A versatile performer with a 4-octave range, Amy is equally comfortable climbing inside the rich rhythmic and harmonic structure of a modern jazz composition; mining deep into the emotional story of an old chestnut and communicating the timeless beauty that is still relevant today; resonating with the nuanced heartbeat of a traditional folk song in Spanish, Portuguese, or French; or belting out a rock tune to a room full of people who can’t help but dance.


Amy has performed genres ranging from jazz to Latin to gypsy jazz to free improvisation to Kirtan to pop/rock and beyond. These diverse musical influences, combined with Amy’s background in theater and modern dance, create a charismatic stage presence and a deeply embodied and refreshingly unique vocal style and delivery. Her original compositions are rhythmically complex with evocative lyrics and innovative arrangements, jazz at the heart but heavily peppered with pop, R&B, folk, and Latin American influences. Amy performs with the bands Amy Biondo Ensemble (vocals and percussion),  Los Bohemios (vocals and percussion), Milestone (vocals and percussion), and the Betterfate Ensemble (vocals). She has done extensive studio work and is available for recording projects of all kinds.

Amy has trained extensively in music and improvisation with Art Lande, Rhiannon, Mark Miller, Barbara Dilley, and others, and she holds a Master of Arts degree from Naropa University. But her greatest teacher has been in her own personal journey to find her voice. As a child, Amy suffered from such acute stagefright that she would become physically sick before a performance. As a teen and young adult, she felt herself freeze on stage, disconnected from her body and emotions, removed from the present moment by a paralyzing fear of failure, all the while feeling a deep power inside her that she could never quite seem to reach. Finally, Amy made the decision to deeply engage with the obstacles that were holding her back. She set to work learning everything she could about the physiological process of stagefright, understanding shame and how it manifests in the creative process, and developing the strength and flexibility of her voice. Using mindfulness practices, vocal and movement improvisation, and vocal strengthening exercises, she learned to release blockages in her body and mind and was able to finally experience the full power and expressiveness of her authentic voice.


This work has culminated in “The World Needs Your Voice,” an 8-week course that helps singers of any level move from fear, self-doubt, and shame to radiant confidence, self-love, and joy so that they can reclaim their authentic voice. Additionally, Amy teaches private voice lessons to kids age 8 through adults, helping students discover the deep genuineness and unimpeded creative expression that is rooted in the very core of who they are as human beings. Amy is a warm, encouraging teacher who is skilled at seeing the deep potential in all her students and drawing this out in a playful, grounded, approachable, and deeply transformative way.

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Arturo Gomez, Music Director of KUVO, on Amy's work with Los Bohemios:

“Amy Biondo may not be Latina by birth, however, her heart beats Latin rhythms as she has been enamored by the music of América Latina all her life and her singing is the ideal addition to the group, reminiscent of the albums of Eydie Gormé with Trio Los Panchos…

The harmonizing of Ricardo, Amy and Ed [is] seamless… Los Bohemios inject freshness to their renditions that will captivate even the most discerning listeners… [the album is] superb from start to finish. This is an auspicious debut for a group that evokes romance and at times makes you want to get up and dance.”

A private event client on Amy’s work with the Amy Biondo Ensemble:

“Our guests were entranced, they were tapping their feet, they were laughing and moved by the music, and by the friendly conversational style of Amy and the musicians, that brought everyone into the light of family and enjoying the music together… 

Our guests offered suggestions for several songs [of various genres], and Amy knew them all. Afterward, we received several notes of appreciation from our guests for that unforgettable evening. Thanks, Amy!”

Participants in Amy's Vocal Empowerment Workshops:

“Loved it!  Totally unexpected and wonderfully liberating.”

"A really balanced workshop—lots of material to reflect on and to have experienced in the moment. Very inspiring.” 

"Thank you for creating a safe playful space."

"Amy’s inviting, calm joy set a nice tone."


"I liked the permission, encouragement, clarity of instruction."   

"Very nice feeling of relaxation and connection in the group.  I liked the playful interactive quality."


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